Baby Lit Bits

You have a new baby and you know that getting her excited about books is important, right?  But she doesn’t seem too interested in listening to a  book or checking out the illustrations?  It’s ok.  At first books are just objects – they don’t represent anything other than exactly what they are – a rectangular cardboard and paper thing.  So what’s the point?  You can encourage them to start enjoying the book itself.  The feel and smell and shape of books.  The comfort of sitting in a comfortable chair (your lap!!) and just relaxing. 

Now are you wondering what to look for in a book for your 0-6 month old?  Look for something that stimulates the senses.  Noisy, crinkly books or books with texture.  Look for books that can be washed or can go in the bath.  Books made out of stiff cardboard or that can be propped up are great for standing up for viewing during tummy time.  Simple large pictures with plenty of contrast in black and white or bright primary colors are easiest for baby to focus on.  Just remember that the story isn’t the fun part at this age, it’s the book itself.

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