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Sew What!!

Finally!  We’ve found a great use for all those extra plastic shopping bags laying cluttering up the closet.  Fuse them together to make a great, sturdy shopping tote.  Next time they ask if you’d like paper or plastic, just hand … Continue reading

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Freaky Funky Friday: Mermaid’s Purse

What in the world is a mermaid’s purse? Mermaid’s purse is another name for a shark or skate egg sac that is pouch-shaped with long tendrils on each corner that assist in anchoring it. Not all sharks lay mermaid’s purses, as … Continue reading

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Little Bitty Book Reviews: Don’t Eat Your Peas!!

L M N O  peas  by Keith Baker These ambitious, lovable peas know exactly who they are.  They are acrobats, builders, campers, and drivers round town.  They are gigglers,  hikers, investigators, and jugglers.  Each one is unique and just darn cute!   … Continue reading

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