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Say What?

Ever read a Where’s Waldo? book?  Waldo isn’t just a guy’s name.  It’s also the word for a kind of machine most of us have in our homes.  A “waldo” is any device that can be used to do something … Continue reading

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Baby Lit Bits

Spice it Up !! Did I mention that your baby loves excitement?   Whatever you get excited about, she gets excited about.  Excited about the ball game?  So is she.  Excited about going for a walk?  She can’t wait!  The dog?  … Continue reading

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Little Bitty Book Review: Must Have Bobo

  I Must Have Bobo  by Eileen Rosenthal;   Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal Highlighting the universal struggle between boy and cat for a beloved toy,  I Must Have Bobo is a must have book for your 3 year old.   Ugh, what … Continue reading

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