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Freaky Funky Friday: Tunnel Apples

Redlove is a hybrid variety of apples bred to be red to the core. Amazingly, these apples do not turn brown when cut. Grown without the use of genetic modification, the trees that produce these apples are grown in tunnels to … Continue reading

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Say What?

Ribbit.  Who is the best-known amphibian in the world?  Probably Kermit the Frog.  Lots of kids know about him and his favorite pig.  But “frog” isn’t just a word used to tailless amphibians.  ”Frog” is also the word for the … Continue reading

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Freaky Funky Friday: Bubblegum Pink

Ever wonder why most bubblegum is pink? Pink was the only dye color available to Dubble Bubble creator, Walter Diemer when he was experimenting with gum recipes.

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