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Say What?

If you drop a water balloon from the top of a building it might go “splat!” when it hits the ground.  But hundreds of years ago, the word “splat” meant something else entirely.  ”Splat” was the word for the piece … Continue reading

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Little Bitty Book Reviews: That crazy bird!

A Bird and His Worm  Written and Illustrated by James Kaczman Beautiful artwork with a Southwestern feel enhance this charming story about an unlikely friendship and the perils of travel.  Bird has his own way of doing things and is … Continue reading

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Fancy Feet

Button Crafts an American Girl DIY publication Feeling fancy, but don’t want to spend alot of time getting there?  Start from the bottom up and add your own unique twist to your favorite knee highs!  Simply add buttons, bows, ribbons … Continue reading

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