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Pocket Lockets

Made by Me by Jane Bull These cute little pockets sew up in no time!   Take a little felt, a little ribbon, and a touch of your own imagination and you have a personalized key holder, credit card holder, favorite … Continue reading

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Freaky Funky Friday: Marbits?

Lucky Charms cereal was invented when General Mills Vice President sliced up a few orange marshmallow Circus Peanuts and added them to a bowl of Cheerios. The copyrighted name for the marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms is Marbits.  

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Freaky Funky Friday: Giant Mosquito Invasion!

Recent tropical storms in Florida have made it the perfect breeding ground for giant mosquitoes.  Psorophoro ciliata,  sometimes called  Gallinippers, are around 20 times as large as regular mosquitoes and their bites are said to be quite painful. Yikes!

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