Freaky Funky Friday: Beard Tax

Did you know that if you lived in Russia in 1705 that you had to pay to grow a beard? Peter the Great instituted a beard tax and those who paid it were required to carry with them a “beard┬átoken” as proof of payment.

The token was made of silver or copper and had a Russian eagle on one side and on the other, a nose, mouth, and beard. It was inscribed with two phrases: “the beard tax has been taken” and “the beard is a superfluous burden.”


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One Response to Freaky Funky Friday: Beard Tax

  1. Sharon says:

    I wonder if having a beard became a status symbol? I like to imagine rich men running around flaunting their wizard-sized beards. “Did you see Yuri? His beard is so long, he trips over it on a regular basis!” “So fabulous.”