Food Friday

Did you know the ancient Egyptians ate pizza?  It wasn’t the same kind that we eat today, but way back then Egyptians were putting toppings on flat bread and chowing down!

Join us on Food Fridays to learn about the things we eat (or don’t want to eat).

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One Response to Food Friday

  1. Paul Booth says:

    We sometimes take for granted that certain foods come from certain places. Most of us think of spaghetti as an itallian food but this pasta traces it’s ancestry to China. Marco Polo, the famous explorer brought back the secret to making spagetti upon his return to europe. Sugar cane is not native to the western hemisphere but was brought here for the purpose of making molasses for rum. We often associate the potato with the Irish (the potato famine) but it was a plant that was brought back from the Americas. Food for thought.