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Thinker Thursday

Before high-powered headlights were invented, people had a very dangerous time driving in the dark.  The first step to night safety came from a man named Percy Shaw.  In 1933, Mr. Shaw almost drove off a winding road on a … Continue reading

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Wagging Wednesday

How high can you get?  The highest flying bird ever seen was a Rüppell’s griffon vulture.  On November 29, 1973, an airplane flying over the Ivory Coast saw one.  How high was the plane at the time?  37,000 feet.  There … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday

Looking for really big things?  Check out the redwood forests of California, home to Earth’s largest living things.  Many of the trees in California’s redwood forests are over 2,200 years old.  Join us on Travel Tuesday to learn about the famous and … Continue reading

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