Baby Lit Bits

Sometime between the ages 2 and 4 most children are ready to learn the alphabet.  If you’ve been reading to them they already know that there is some sort of relationship between the shapes on the page and the words you’ve been saying.  This is when you can start to uncover the secret code that is reading.  One of the best ways to start is with the name song.  Show your child all the letters in their name and then sing a little song about it.  Try this one to the tune of “BINGO:”

There is a child that I know best

And James is his name, oh,

J-A-M-E-S,   J-A-M-E-S,   J-A-M-E-S,

And James is his name, oh.

Baby Lit Bits are designed using the latest research to help adults find easy and manageable ways to help the babies in their lives get ready to read.

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