Baby Lit Bits

Babies love books.  Well – basically they love everything they can hold in their hands, put in their mouths, and if it crinkles when they squash it – bonus!!   Take advantage of this time with soft, squishy, fabric books that have noisemakers in the pages.  Get those little board books that fit perfectly in little hands.  Bright, bold, simple pictures work best for holding their attention.  This is the time when you can skip the reading and just turn pages, talk about the pictures and use book time as a special sharing time.  But that doesn’t mean you should put them away if you’re not around.  Let your child develop a relationship with reading all of their own.  Keep little books handy for everyday play as well as special reading/bonding time.  Building a positive relationship with books is one of the first ways of building a positive relationship with reading later on.

Baby Lit Bits are designed using the latest research to help adults find easy and manageable ways to help the babies in their lives get ready to read.

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