Baby Lit Bits

Ever notice how much your baby loves hearing your favorite Dave Matthews song?  Or Jack Johnston?  Or whoever it is you crank up?  Of course your baby has excellent taste — he has yours!  If he sees you enjoying what you listen to he’ll probably enjoy listening too.  Recognition is key - when he hears something familiar that made him happy before – chances are he’ll be happy again.   Does all this mean your child is going to become the next musical prodigy?  Nah – well, maybe.  But if nothing else she is learning to break down words into syllables and distinct sounds – one of the early building blocks to reading.   Yes, by all means listen to “Rock-a-bye Baby” and “Twinkle, Twinkle” – but don’t be shy about sharing your favorites with your child too.  And don’t forget, your baby loves to hear your voice; doesn’t matter if you can sing or not!  Could be his first words come from the lastest American Idol hit.

Baby Lit Bits are designed using the latest research to help adults find easy and manageable ways to help the babies in their lives get ready to read.

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