Baby Lit Bits

So your baby is just beginning to crawl and you’re already starting to think about how to get her into Harvard?  Great news!  Learning has already gotten underway!   So what can you do to help your child off to a good start?  Well – first remember that you are her first and best teacher.  She trusts everything you say and do.  Don’t underestimate all the things you are teaching your child every day.  So how do you use your powers for good?  Easy peasy.  Talking, of course, has an incredible impact on pretty much all things literacy based.  Did you realize that singing does too?  Yeppers.  And playing?  It’s how your child is learning about the world and can attach meaning to what she reads later.  Play away.  Clear a morning just for stacking blocks or doing puzzles or playing peek-a-boo.  Learning skills in reading and writing will come a little later  -  for now – just relax and enjoy.

Baby Lit Bits are designed using the latest research to help adults find easy and manageable ways to help the babies in their lives get ready to read.

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