Baby Lit Bits

Still thinking about the importance of talking to your child?  Of course you are!!  So how do you build the skills necessary for conversation? Follow their lead.  When your baby makes cooing or babbling noises, listen and respond.  Use the same rhythm used in all of your conversations.  Use eye contact when you talk and wait for a response from them.  When they start using words repeat them back and expand the idea.  If your child points to a bird and labels it, talk about the bird and what it’s doing and where it might be going.  Let them lead the conversation.  Pay attention to what they are looking at and use it for a lead it to conversation and vocabulary building.  And most of all — enjoy!!  Make learning fun – for both of you!

Baby Lit Bits are designed using the latest research to help adults find easy and manageable ways to help the babies in their lives get ready to read.

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