vlog2: hatchet

A stunning adventure story awaits you all. 

Imagine being 13 years old.  You are on a tiny plane to visit your dad (who just divorced your mom) when it crashes.  The pilot dies, and you have to survive in the Canadian wilderness with just the hatchet that mom gave you for your last birthday.  Could you survive?  Brian Robeson tries in Gary Paulsen’s spectacular novel, Hatchet.

If you’ve never read the 1988 Newbery Honor book Hatchet, get yourself to a library right now and check it out!  It’s a great book for older elementary school kids and upward.  It has some scary moments, but the scary bits aren’t sensationalized in the least.  An absolute page-turner!

Here’s my booktalk (a.k.a. book advertisement) for this gripping story:


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