Marley Musical Magic

This blog post has been a long time coming.

I purchased the album Family Time by Ziggy Marley for the library ten months ago, and back then I suspected it would be awesome.  Since we got it at the library, Angie (youth services expert in all things baby and toddler and fellow children’s music enthusiast) has used it regularly in her story times, and blasts it even in times when there are no babies in sight — just to get the right groove going for the day.   So I knew it was bound to be great.

For some reason, though, it took me 10 months to actually get this on my stereo at home.  A shame (for me, my husband, my mom & my cat!) since it is awesome.  Maybe that doesn’t capture it.  It’s crazy awesome.  No, that’s not quite right, either.  It’s super-crazy-funky-groovy-awesome.  Yeah, that’s it.  Definitely super-crazy-funky-groovy-awesome.  Check it out the next time you’re at the library.  And if it’s not on the shelf (and I betcha it’s not), put a hold on it.  It’s worth the wait.

Angie would probably say the best track is “Ziggy Says,” a super-fun riff on Simon Says that’s upbeat and cheerful and a great way to get little guys moving around first thing in the morning.  I’d probably opt for the Ziggy Marley/ Jack Johnson/ Paula Fuga track “Cry, Cry, Cry,” though the Willie Nelson track “This Train” is very folksy-cool, and the Elizabeth Mitchell track “Wings of an Eagle,” with its Cat Stevens-esque chorus, is lovely.  Again, go check it out.  Here’s a video of the track “I Love You Too” — happy-making reggae rhythms:

And if reading about Ziggy Marley makes you feel a little nostalgic for his dad, look no further than the album B is for Bob.  Ziggy produced this album as a way to introduce kids to his dad’s tunes.  While some of the songs make me wonder why he tinkered with perfection (“Three Little Birds” needed no changing, in my humble opinion), some updates are really engaging.  I actually jumped off the couch to dance around the living room when the much livelier version of “Jammin’” came on the stereo.  If you’re in a reggae mood, give this album a try.  It might just satisfy your soul.

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