2nd Annual Love Fest!

We will be having our 2nd Annual Love Fest at the Fairmount Branch tomorrow, in honor of the love-explosion otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.  We’ll share some lovely love stories and make some lovely love crafts.  We’ll even have love punch and cookies for the whole lovin’ crowd!  The Valentine’s fun starts at 2:00 pm, so be there for all the heart-filled fun.   If ya don’t know, the Fairmount Branch is located at 3000 North Fairmount Street, over on the west side of Davenport.  If you need directions or have any questions, you can call us at 563-326-7893.

To start the love flowin’, here’s a picture book that I will almost certainly share at the Love Fest.  It’s called I Will Kiss You (Lots & Lots & Lots) and it’s by Stoo Hample, creator of the exceptionally silly book titled (surprise!) The Silly Book.  This Valentine-approrpriate story showcases a mother bunny telling her baby bunny, “I will kiss you everywhere … on your fingers, on your hair, on a chair on a stair… on the floor, in the air.  And I’ll kiss your teddy bear.”  She goes on to tell her baby all the places and silly situations where he can expect to get kissed.  She leaves no kissable possibility unturned!  It’s a very sweet book, perfect for Valentine’s Day or just for a nice loving bedtime ritual. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Sam

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