Greasy Kid Stuff 2

Some days, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have my job.  I’m sitting here at work, listening to the album Greasy Kid Stuff 2, and totally rocking out.  I’m getting paid to rock out, and to write about how much I’m rocking out.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Enough about me, though.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably here to learn a little something about Greasy Kid Stuff and what makes this album so great.  So here ya go:  Greasy Kid Stuff is a radio show that airs on 94.7 FM KNRK out of Portland OR from 8 – 9 am (Pacific time) Saturday mornings.  It began airing on the East coast in 1995, but when the duo responsible for the show moved to Portland, the show soon moved with them.  According to their website, “much of their programming is actually a recontextualizing of music not originally intended for an audience of children.”

The show has spawned three albums, and I’m currently listening to their 2nd compilation.  It is indeed a wonderfully bizarre mix of kid-friendly rock tunes, and adult-friendly kid tunes.  The show is billed as “music that stays crunchy…even in milk!” and never was there a better description of an album.  Most of these tunes have a pop-punk sensibility (is such a thing possible??) — the vocals and music feel very much punk, but the lyrics and sentiments have a bubble-gum pop vibe — that is perfect for blasting in the car or in the living room or anywhere you want to rock out with your kids.

My favorite tunes are probably Lucky Ladybug by alt-rockers Guv’ner, The Mechanical Man by Bent Bolt & the Nuts, the Schoolhouse Rock cover of Unpack Your Adjectives by punk-rockers The Mr. T. Experience, and Super Hero Me by graphic artists/musicians Let’s Audio, though it would probably be easier for me to list the songs I don’t like.  It’s one of those rare albums where just about every song is awesome, and the mix hangs together fantastically.  Here’s a hilarious video from one of the tracks, “Mouser Mecha-Catbot” — a song written for a BattleBot contender by Olivia Olson & Eban Schletter:

If you’re looking to rock out with your little guys, don’t miss this album.

– Sam

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