Through the windows

I am always looking in windows to see what is inside. So I did the same for you. These are pictures taken from the outside and through the windows. Some places had the shades down so those rooms are not in the “walk around” of the building. You will see the shadows and reflections in […]

June 25, 2010 · sschulte · 3 Comments
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Windows from inside

The last blog showed you around the outside of the building. Today I am going to look at the same windows from the other side. What a change it is from seeing the building with the opaque plastic to clear glass. If you click on the pictures, you can actually see some of the houses […]

February 24, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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I gave you a clue in the last blog. If you look at the west side picture, you can see the windows to the left, the adult area, and the windows directly ahead, the teen area. Note the windows are in the adult area and the plastic sheeting is still in the teen area. In […]

February 23, 2010 · sschulte · No Comments
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