With the warm dry weather, the work on moving the earth has started again. The first picture shows the geothermal field which is now graded and ready for sidewalks and planting. Here you see the west side of the library. A few days ago, if you stood at this same point to take a picture, […]

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Engineered Fill

Wow, construction is not my area of expertise. I needed to ask questions of Ryan Schertz, the project superintendent of our site to see what all this equipment is doing. In the background you see a yellow excavator. This machine is taking the engineered fill off the pile and depositing it into dump trucks. The […]

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Topsoil Removed

As was pointed out in an earlier blog, location is of prime importance. It is necessary to be sure the right people will frequent a business or buy a home. Just ask any realtor! However, in construction, location is also important because of the foundation of the building. If the soil conditions are too marshy, […]

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