Foundations begin

As much as I want rain for my garden and sod, I do not want rain to halt progress on the building of the Eastern Ave branch. And although rain can be localized, I do not know of a way to make it so local that construction can continue and gardens can be watered. So […]

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Engineered Fill

Wow, construction is not my area of expertise. I needed to ask questions of Ryan Schertz, the project superintendent of our site to see what all this equipment is doing. In the background you see a yellow excavator. This machine is taking the engineered fill off the pile and depositing it into dump trucks. The […]

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News Release–Ceremonial Tree Planting

DAVENPORT, Iowa – July 16, 2009 – The Davenport Public Library will be “Branching Out” on Friday, July 31 with an appropriate kickoff to construction of the Eastern Ave. Branch Library. The shovels turning the dirt will serve more than a ceremonial purpose. The shovels will be used to plant a tree on the site […]

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Yes, the work is continuing on the site. As I drive down Locust, I noticed recently when parking lots were created, berms were added. At our Eastern site, we are also putting in berms. So, why do we have berms? Berms are part of a bufferyard. According to the Davenport Municipal Code, a bufferyard is […]

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General Contractor Announced

At their board meeting on Tuesday June 16th, the Davenport Public Library Board awarded the construction contract for the new Eastern Branch to a local firm, the Bush Construction Company.  One of our next steps will be to schedule our formal groundbreaking.  We’ll announce that date and time as soon as it’s available!!

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Topsoil Removed

As was pointed out in an earlier blog, location is of prime importance. It is necessary to be sure the right people will frequent a business or buy a home. Just ask any realtor! However, in construction, location is also important because of the foundation of the building. If the soil conditions are too marshy, […]

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We’re getting close to actual construction!

The Library board authorized the branch architect to proceed with bid documents at a special meeting on May 5th. The City Council also voted to proceed with the project at the most recent council meeting. So bid documents for the construction of the Eastern Avenue Library were released today, May 15th 2009.

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