Concrete absorbs water. This is evident just by looking at streets or driveways after a rain. The surface is wet. It eventually dries as it is either absorbed all the way or it evaporates into the air. So how do you keep a basement dry? Why doesn’t the water from the ground absorb into the […]

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Foundation Finished

On Friday, the final section of the foundation was poured. Steel work is already beginning. Amazing to see steel columns in place. And outside of the building, part of the parking lot is now concrete. With the fine weather we are having today, I am expecting the rest of the parking lot will get poured.  […]

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Building the walls

Much goes into construction of the walls. After the base is built, rebar is added in specific places to help hold the shape of the concrete. You will notice in the first picture the worker is tying the rebar so that it curves in the correct shape of the wall. At the bottom right of […]

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Concrete Washout

Now that concrete is being poured, this sign is important. To help preserve the environment, the concrete trucks must wash out the cement and aggregate, which is sand and gravel, from their drums. This allows all the waste to harden, then to be gathered together and taken for re-use. This waste is taken to a […]

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Concrete work

We talked about concrete going into the construction of the footings and the walls. In these pictures, we see it is also used for the driveway. In the first picture, the concrete truck is dumping the mixed concrete into a concrete buggy. This buggy is then driven to the specific area that needs to be […]

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