Building the roof

The roof is seen more from the sky than the ground, but it is one of the more important parts of the building. The roof not only protects the inside of the building from the weather but it also helps to control the amount of heat that is let back into the atmosphere. The butterfly part of the roof is made from TPO – Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This is white and is a LEED product. As a LEED product, it will help to prevent the heat from going back into the surrounding air. The flat parts of the roof are made from EPDM – Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer. Or as I was told–rubber!

I do not have an updated picture from the air to show you how the complete roof appears so I included an architectural rendering. Remember the flat part of our roof will not be white; only the butterfly section.

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Inside the library

Again it is snowy outside but work is still continuing inside the library. As you can see in the pictures, more walls have been finished. The first picture is the entrance hall. This will eventually have a lobby and another set of doors. You can see approximately where the wall will be by the build up on the floor. The second picture is the walls that will surround the reserve books. This is on the right hand side as you walk in the main part of the building.  The third picture shows the adult computer area and into the teen space. It is taken from where the circulation desk will be placed.

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Contractor’s update – December

Thanks to Bush Construction, we are showing the pictures they took to show the Library’s Building Committee the progress over the month of December. This is a PDF file:

Building and Grounds Update 1-07-10

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Teen area

I know the teens are looking forward to having a space of their own at Eastern. This will show the progress that has been made since December 11, 2009. The teen area is only the space that is under and behind the soffit. The area in front of that is for the public computers. It is easier with the sheetrock installed to picture walls of books, seating and computers.

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Holiday work

Christmas has come and gone and New Years is upon us. The workers continue to make progress on the building. You will see the brick has made it around the front of the building. The elipse will have stonework. The inside is getting more wiring, the HVAC ducts are being wrapped with insulation, insulation is put into walls and sheetrock is started.

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Contractor’s update – November

Thanks to Bush Construction, we are showing the pictures they took to show the Library’s Building Committee the progress over the month of November. This is a PDF file.


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Looking up

Today, sit back in your easy chair and look up. We are showing pictures of  building  the roof, plumbing for draining the water off the roof, the heating and cooling ducts, conduits for the electrical wires and the double top plates used to frame the walls.

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FRIENDS bookstore and cafe

 As you can see in the first picture, the floor is poured and the wall stud frames are being cut for the walls in the cafe and FRIENDS bookstore. In the second picture, you can now see the walls to the kitchen and storage area are framed. In the third picture, the counter framing is started.

Now it is a lot easier to picture sitting in the cafe with a coffee and browsing the books for sale.

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Bricks and mortar

December 1, 2009  is a beautiful sunny day and in the upper 50s. What a perfect day to work on the bricks and stone on the outside of the building. Inside electrical is being added as are the frames for the walls. If you haven’t driven by lately, you will be amazed at the changes.

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Current LEED status

We have updated the chart showing our current LEED points. View it by clicking LEED on the bottom left of the blog screen under Project Information.

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