I went over again today and was amazed at how much has been painted in 2 days. We are using a Ceramic paint because it is LEED approved. I will do a post later on the paint and how it can be considered LEED approved. But look at this picture. You can see 4 of the 5 colors. The only color that is missing is the orange. I will also get the official names and we will see how close my take of the colors is to the paint name! What I see is gold on the left, teal, lime green and dark green to the right.

Looking at short wall in childrens area

I also found that one coat is painted now. The second coat will need to wait until the lights are in place. That allows the painters to see any inconsistencies with their painting.

In a few days watch for my blog on the tiles in the restrooms. I saw them today in the boxes and except for the accents, they are very classic.

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Colors and more colors

Painting of the walls have been started as I mentioned in a previous blog. Here are the colors. I tried to get them as close as possible but it is a bit different in person than in a photograph. The first picture is looking at the children’s area. This is a gold.  The second picture is standing close to the wall in the first picture and looking along the south edge of the children’s area. This is a teal. The third picture is of the reserve area just around the corner from the second picture. Amazingly, it is the same color. The fourth picture of our LEED education wall is a very dark green. Difficult to capture that color on the camera. The next picture is along the wall of the study rooms and the teen area. It is an orange. The last 2 pictures are the same gold color as in the children’s area but the area is in the staff workroom.

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Contractor’s update – February

Thanks to Bush Construction, we are showing the pictures they took to show the Library’s Building Committee the progress over the month of January. This is a PDF file:

Building and Grounds Update 3-04-10

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East side of library

As you look at these pictures, you will be going from north to south in the building. I started out in the children’s area looking east at the windows. If you look at the enlarged picture, you will see the children’s storytime room to the right. The next picture is actually in the storytime room looking out the windows. If you look closely at this picture, to the left you will see the berm that surrounds the outside storytime area. In the third picture you are looking out the windows of the second community meeting room. We learned from Fairmount and made both rooms the same size. The last picture shows the first community meeting room. In this one to the left of the workers putting in the windows, you can see the dividing post of the rooms. We will have a room divider that will allow us to have 2 equally sized rooms or by removing the divider, one very large meeting room. With all of these windows, the rooms will be very light.

Next time I post, I hope to show some of the walls that are painted. They started painting the children’s area this week.

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Cornerstone Ceremony

If you missed our cornerstone ceremony on Tuesday March 3, 2010, you missed being outside on a beautiful day and listening to children from Adam’s school read their essays on why they like the Davenport Library. Their essays are part of the contents of the time capsule which was put into the building right before the cornerstone was sealed. We also had comments from the Mayor, the President of the Board of Trustees and the President of the FRIENDS as well as a few others.

You can see in the pictures that the windows for the front entrance are now installed. The cafe/bookstore windows will be the last ones installed. Next week the painting of the inside walls begins. Time is moving so swiftly with all the last minute pieces to put into place so we can open this summer.

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Windows from inside

The last blog showed you around the outside of the building. Today I am going to look at the same windows from the other side. What a change it is from seeing the building with the opaque plastic to clear glass. If you click on the pictures, you can actually see some of the houses that are in the neighborhood.

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I gave you a clue in the last blog. If you look at the west side picture, you can see the windows to the left, the adult area, and the windows directly ahead, the teen area. Note the windows are in the adult area and the plastic sheeting is still in the teen area.

West side

In this blog, I have included pictures around the building. What a difference windows make to a building. As you go from the west side, I put in two pictures. One is showing the smaller windows with no scaffolding in the way but the large windows still have the plastic sheeting. In the next west window, you will see the larger windows but the scaffolding makes it more difficult to see the smaller windows. Just a comment on the small versus the large windows. The small ones will provide natural light but prevent the people inside from being blinded by the sun. The large windows will allow some sun, but a shade is also provided to help prevent sun blindness inside. The back is completely windows as it is mostly north and will look out onto the park. Shades will not be needed. The east side matches the west side even though I don’t show the large windows in this view. Shades are also available for the large windows to prevent glaring of the early sun. The south side you see in this photo is actually the customer service work area. The wooden wall to the right is part of the rain garden. The main entrance will be on the other side of the rain garden.

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Back of building

It has been some time since I was able to actually get around the building to get pictures. This is the  adult/teen area or west side and the back or north side . Right now there is plenty of snow and mud!

Can you see what else has been happening? I will let you know in the next blog I post.

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Brick and stone

Meeting room and children's room side of building

Here you have a chance to see how the stone and the brick blend on the building. This is the meeting room side and it is the side you will see first as you come up the driveway to the Eastern Avenue Branch. The section of the wall that has the pink is the exterior insulation and z furring. This is in preparation for the brown siding. Each piece of the siding is made to fit and now measurements will be made before it is manufactured.

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Contractor’s update – January

Thanks to Bush Construction, we are showing the pictures they took to show the Library’s Building Committee the progress over the month of December. This is a PDF file:

Building and Grounds Update 2-04-10

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