Outside the building

It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks since I last updated the progress. Much has been going on inside and out. Today I will show the outside with the copper wall and bronze panels as well as some of the outside doors. With the doors, the copper and bronze added, the building is looking more finished.

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This will give you a sample of the floor covering in the building. The  staff workroom and the receiving hallway have the water lily carpet. The staff lounge has cork flooring which is a combination of cork and rubber. As other colors get put down, I will get them into the blog. You can also see with these pictures that the cabinets have been added.

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Eastern Avenue branch

How about a walk around the building! It will be fun to see how much different this looks with all the sidewalks and plantings in place, the doors on the front entrance and the bronze panels on the upper half of the building.

[slideshow id=4]

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With the warm dry weather, the work on moving the earth has started again. The first picture shows the geothermal field which is now graded and ready for sidewalks and planting.

Geothermal field graded

Here you see the west side of the library. A few days ago, if you stood at this same point to take a picture, you would only see a mound of dirt. The neighbors can now see all the way to the building.

West side of Eastern Avenue branch

The third picture shows how the dirt is being shaped around the children’s garden. This will make a nice seating space for children of all ages to watch a program.

Children's garden

The last picture shows the beginning of the amphitheater in the park. Two mounds of dirt is not much but by the time you get out there to look, it will be filled in quite a bit more. All of this dirt movement is preparation for the sidewalks to be poured. After that the seeding and planting will take place.

Beginning of amphitheater

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Recycling continues. This is one of the areas for which we hope to get LEED points. It is also important to our community that we recycle and reuse our materials instead of having them go into the landfill.

You can see the blooming trees in the background of the second picture. They were put into this area to winter over. The snows and cold came before the landscaping could be completed. These trees will be moved as the intended areas become ready.

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Contractor’s update – March

Thanks to Bush Construction, we are showing the pictures they took to show the Library’s Building Committee the progress over the month of March. This is a PDF file:

Building and Grounds Update 4-01-10

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Lights and more lights

The lights are being added. I have pictures that show them in the restroom on the edge of the ceiling. This makes it very light but doesn’t get into your eyes. They do show off how nice the tile looks! The second picture shows the lights that bring out the copper in the library. They will be in the entrance. Actually where the lift is sitting is approximately where the self checks will be placed. The third picture shows the overhead lights that will be throughout the library. The last picture shows how the sunlight will filter into the library in the evening.

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LED lights

If you can get over to the Eastern Avenue Branch Library tonight (3-31-10) you will be able to see the LED lights in action. They need a 12 hour time to burn in. After this, they will turn off when the library is closed to save energy and prevent night-sky lighting.

LED parking lot light

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Network cables (CAT6) are coming in fast and furious. Here are 2 pictures. The first was taken on March 22nd when I thought there was a lot. But I went back on March 29th and was amazed at how much more was pulled.

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Paint test

In the last several blogs, I showed pictures and let you know what colors I thought the paint should be called. Look at the colors and see if you can match them up with the pictures. This is hard because I have an extra color that will go into the cafe/bookstore area.

Here are the actual colors: Pacific Rim, Baroque Jewel, Lima Green, Old Salem Gold, Metropolis, Deep Creek

The first picture has 3 of the colors, the second one has two colors but one is also in the first picture and the last one only has one color.

Looking at short wall in childrens area

Looking east at the children's area

Study rooms and south teen wall

The answers:

Pacific Rim (teal), Baroque Jewel (orange), Lima Green (lime green), Old Salem Gold (gold), Metropolis (dark green), Deep Creek(not shown and it is a dark grey)

Did you do better than I did? I knew the Lima Green and the Old Salem Gold. I guessed at the Pacific Rim but the rest I hadn’t a clue.

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