Staff training

For all of those who missed us while we were training, here we are in the community room at Eastern Avenue branch. We learned what is placed where and how all of our new technology works. Actually we didn’t even learn all of our technology. There is too much to learn in the 2 hours we were there.

We have some wonderful additions to our community rooms. If you have both rooms, the speaker system will play in both. If you only have one room, the wall separates the systems so only the room you are in carries your information. The other room’s system is totally separate.

Some of us had a chance to learn how to move the wall that separates the rooms. This is a manual procedure of sliding the sections down a track and into the storage room. This will take some practice! Actually it is too bad I didn’t think to take a picture of this. We did look pretty funny trying to move these partitions.

We all had a chance to practice on the computers, try out the self-checks and return materials to see if the auto-sorter was working correctly.

So why are you seeing only a picture of us all sitting? LaWanda, our director, was thanking the staff for all the hard work they have done to get this building ready so far. The staff also learned procedures in case of emergency and had a chance to meet some staff that have started working in the past couple of weeks.

After our training, we were able to show our families the new building. Less than a month and you too can see the inside of Eastern Avenue branch!

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Inside the Library

The inside of the library is finally looking like a library! We have all the books on the shelves except for the NEW books and teen books. We are missing the shelves so those are sitting on top of units or around the edges of the building. With our capable staff, we have already finished putting all the adult fiction and non-fiction books in the correct order. We are still working on the juvenile materials. These are taking a bit longer because they are narrow and each item has to be pulled out to look at the call number. But the shelves look so nice with all those shiny covers.

But that is not all that is happening. We are also getting all the computers set in place. Here are the pictures of the computers in the children’s area. Don’t you think they will be appealing to the young ones? Adults, you get the same old black keyboards and a regular size mouse.

In the pictures, you can see the blue divides on the tables. This will make each computer have its own section of the table. Nice when you are trying to keep your items corralled.

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Books and more books

The staff spent two days unloading 33,400 pounds of materials. It took approximately 2 hours to unload 31 pallets of boxes and distribute them around the building. We then took about 4 hours each day to unbox the items and put them on the shelves. That is equivalent to 40,000 items. We are now putting the materials in order for our opening day July 10th.

You can see how big the dumpster is we are using for recycling the cardboard boxes and paper used to pack the books. We filled this right up to the top. The only reason you can’t see the paper on the top is we shoved it down (with some help from workmen and a front loader) and put some cardboard boxes on top so it wouldn’t blow away. We have found this area is very windy!

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As a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building, one of our goals is to save energy. Daylighting is one method we are using. Daylighting is a means of using natural light for lighting the inside of a building.

The architects planned the windows to let in maximum natural light but minimum heat and glare. Combining natural light with continuously dimming light fixtures completes the process.  This allows light fixtures to be dimmed as they sense more light. Closer to the windows will provide more natural light and thus farther away artificial light is needed to keep an even light level.  Here are two pictures of the ceiling lights. You will notice one end looks as if the bulbs have burnt out already. This is an example of daylighting at work. The light fixtures are sensing the light from the windows and have dimmed the lamps.

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[slideshow id=5]Who would think we would need so many different kinds of chairs? I remember when we were picking them out, trying to decide if this chair was more comfortable than that chair. We had so many samples, we couldn’t keep them all straight. Then we began selecting the colors and fabric. Now that I see all the chairs, it is no wonder we were so confused. The slide show shows the variety. When you come to visit, you can see exactly where that lime green chair (one looks bright yellow in the picture) is placed or which meeting room has all the green chairs.

Actually when I saw the brown chairs, I couldn’t imagine where they were to go. Next day I came back and they were placed very nicely in the cafe/FRIENDS bookstore area.

I also added a picture of the boxes before they were opened and one fully encased in plastic. I should have taken a picture of the boxes of cardboard that were saved for recycling!

Remember July 10th. Put it on your calendar.

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More additions

Yesterday I showed shelving without the shelves. Today already, you can see how far along they are with adding the shelves.

Our workroom is filled! Some of the items are in place and some are just placed here and there until we have other items moved. The next picture is of our new automated sorter. This is in the correct place. I will do a blog later and show a little video of how it works.

The last picture shows the books bins and the carts. The book bins will eventually go into the bookdrop room. So now you know what collects your items when you use the drive-up bookdrop. The carts will be used to shelve our materials and their storage space is in a turnaround area currently in use for getting larger items out onto the main floor.

On July 10th when we have our grand opening, we are planning tours. That is the only day, you will be able to see the staff workroom. So enjoy the pictures now of total disarray and come see how neat we can make it for the grand opening.

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When you come into the library, you will find the staff ready to answer questions at the desks. Here you can see the desks being built. After all the parts were put into place, the holes had to be drilled to allow the cords to get to the plugs. When you actually see these desks, they will be covered with computers, keyboards and phones.

Information desk

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Two weeks from today on June 2nd, we will be getting 40,000 plus items including books, DVDs, CDs, and playaways. That means we will need the shelves in place.  Monday, the shelving arrived to be installed! Here are several pictures of the progress that is being made. You can see the frames are positioned but shelves are not actually there. To completely finish this process, it will take another week.

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Here are some pictures of the wiring that is pulled into the communications room. This is the same network cables I showed March 29th. I was told there is about 17 miles of cabling. After looking at these pictures, I can believe it. I just used wires and cables interchangeably, but that is not correct according to the facts I found. Wires are the single strands or single conductors and cables are insulated conductors bound together. So for this blog, I am going to use cables. The first picture shows the cables waiting for the racks to be installed. The second shows how the cables are bundled and begin to get attached to the racks. The ends will all be patched into the networks, servers, etc. as needed. The third picture shows a few cables still left to be bundled. Each cable is labeled so the technical staff will know where that specific cable ends within the building.

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Porous Paving

Next to our meeting rooms will be grass. This area is different because we have a base of sand and gravel, then a ring and grid system topped with dirt as our growing medium underneath the grass. This is known as porous pavement and will provide us with extra programming space. The ring-grid system prevents heavy equipment like the showmobile from compacting the grass and ruining the root system. It also will prevent ruts from forming in the grass when the ground is wet. Here is a picture of the three layers that go under the grass. Notice on the right with the footprints is the sand-gravel base. The black ring-grid system is placed on top. It can be cut to adjust to the size and shape of the area. Next the growing medium is placed on top. We are using top soil for the grass to grow. From the point of view of the people using the park, it will be grass. From the staff’s point of view, we will be able to do some extra programming and not have to worry about destroying the ground. What a great invention!

Porous pavement

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