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Outside the building

It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks since I last updated the progress. Much has been going on inside and out. Today I will show the outside with the copper wall and bronze panels as well as some of the outside doors. With the doors, the copper and bronze added, the building […]

May 4, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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Brick and stone

Here you have a chance to see how the stone and the brick blend on the building. This is the meeting room side and it is the side you will see first as you come up the driveway to the Eastern Avenue Branch. The section of the wall that has the pink is the exterior […]

February 22, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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Holiday work

Christmas has come and gone and New Years is upon us. The workers continue to make progress on the building. You will see the brick has made it around the front of the building. The elipse will have stonework. The inside is getting more wiring, the HVAC ducts are being wrapped with insulation, insulation is […]

December 30, 2009 · sschulte · One Comment
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Bricks and mortar

December 1, 2009  is a beautiful sunny day and in the upper 50s. What a perfect day to work on the bricks and stone on the outside of the building. Inside electrical is being added as are the frames for the walls. If you haven’t driven by lately, you will be amazed at the changes.

December 9, 2009 · sschulte · One Comment
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