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Infiltration Cell–biofilm

Did you know we have biofilm in our infiltration pond? The biofilm is part of the rock chamber.  The rock chamber is the base of our infiltration cell although we previously called it an infiltration pond. A perforated tile was put into our cell. This was surrounded with several inches of  1″ clear wash rock. […]

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Each day we come out to the library, we get to see all of these beautiful plants. Since I am just learning gardening,  I asked for the names and I appreciate all of you gardeners that just know them. I am so naive about gardening, that I cut a piece of a plant in my garden […]

July 14, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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Porous Paving

Next to our meeting rooms will be grass. This area is different because we have a base of sand and gravel, then a ring and grid system topped with dirt as our growing medium underneath the grass. This is known as porous pavement and will provide us with extra programming space. The ring-grid system prevents […]

May 10, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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With the warm dry weather, the work on moving the earth has started again. The first picture shows the geothermal field which is now graded and ready for sidewalks and planting. Here you see the west side of the library. A few days ago, if you stood at this same point to take a picture, […]

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Even the landscape around the new Eastern library is changing. Here you can see the ground and berms when the infiltration pond was being installed in the beginning of September. The middle picture shows how the ground has been graded and the third picture shows the the seeding is finished. The southeast side of the […]

November 30, 2009 · sschulte · 3 Comments
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