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More additions

Yesterday I showed shelving without the shelves. Today already, you can see how far along they are with adding the shelves. Our workroom is filled! Some of the items are in place and some are just placed here and there until we have other items moved. The next picture is of our new automated sorter. […]

May 21, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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When you come into the library, you will find the staff ready to answer questions at the desks. Here you can see the desks being built. After all the parts were put into place, the holes had to be drilled to allow the cords to get to the plugs. When you actually see these desks, […]

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Furnishings and equipment

As anyone who watches any of the myriad home decorating shows on TV can tell you, there are LOTS and LOTS of choices that you can make for your home decor.  Selecting furnishings for a new home can be quite a challenge.  Selecting furnishings and equipment for a new library even more so!  We had […]

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