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Inside the Library

The inside of the library is finally looking like a library! We have all the books on the shelves except for the NEW books and teen books. We are missing the shelves so those are sitting on top of units or around the edges of the building. With our capable staff, we have already finished […]

June 9, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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Books and more books

The staff spent two days unloading 33,400 pounds of materials. It took approximately 2 hours to unload 31 pallets of boxes and distribute them around the building. We then took about 4 hours each day to unbox the items and put them on the shelves. That is equivalent to 40,000 items. We are now putting the […]

June 4, 2010 · sschulte · One Comment
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Books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc

In an earlier posting we mentioned that in addition to building a building, we are also building a collection of books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc to put in the building.   We’re happy to report that we’ve now ordered almost half of the collection and our vendor is busy cataloging the items and preparing them for us.  […]

November 23, 2009 · Amy · No Comments
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Books being ordered!

In a previous posting on this blog, we discussed the fact that we will need to create a collection of books, DVD’s, CD’s, etc to put on the shelves at the Eastern  Branch.  Our two book selectors have been working hard – and while it’s fun and easy to come to the library or bookstore […]

June 26, 2009 · Amy · One Comment
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Selecting CD’s

Do you like to listen to music CDs and do you have your favorite artist or song? If so, when you come into the library, you head right for the area that has your artist or album. But you are just one person. We have to decide if other patrons also like that same artist […]

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Location, location, location

When searching for a new home, the conventional wisdom is to pay attention to location, location, location.  When siting a library (or any other business) location is vitally important as well.  We’re excited about our new location in northeast Davenport.  It has easy access (just turn north on Eastern Avenue from 53rd Street); it’s close […]

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More than construction!

  Actual construction is important in our new Eastern Branch and as you can see from the pictures, we are now moving the dirt. But behind the scenes, we are also working to prepare for opening the new branch. Once you step into the building, you are going to expect to see a collection of […]

June 2, 2009 · Amy · No Comments
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