Architect’s renderings

The most recent renderings of the new Eastern Avenue Branch Library are shown below.

 Front view of Eastern Branch






This is the front entrance of the branch.  The coffee shop and FRIENDS bookstore will be located in the area with the curved glass to the right of the entrance.  Note the “open book” design of the roof.

 Interior of Easten Branch






 This view shows part of the lobby, including the self-check’s and the area for reserves.

5 Responses

  1. Tim - July 28, 2009

    These renderings are such tiny thumbnails, is there any way to provide larger ones that are easier to see? Thanks!

  2. sschulte - July 28, 2009

    We did try to put in larger pictures. Unfortunately it took too long for the blog to load so we made them smaller again.

  3. sschulte - September 14, 2009

    We have found another method which works to put a thumbnail picture into the blog. These can then be clicked to provide a larger image. Thank you for the question as it provided us with impetus to find a workable solution. You will see this new method in all of our future blogs.

  4. scott - October 20, 2009

    Where is the link to the larger photos?

  5. sschulte - November 4, 2009

    I have made the changes so you should be able to see larger photos.

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