Grand Opening July 10 2010

What an exciting day we had for our grand opening. The weather was just perfect with sun and warmth but not too hot. I know some people think high 80′s is too hot, but for me it was perfect. We had people lining up at the door by 7 am for our 9:30 am opening. By 9:25 am, the line was down to Olde Brandy Lane and people were still coming. By 10:30 am, the line was gone and people were able to come in as they arrived. You can see the crowd in the library as you look at the picture, yet everyone was pleasant, polite and patient. For that, we thank all of you!

Statistics for that day showed 6,000 people came through our doors. If people just came to the bookstore/cafe or went only to a program, they might not have been counted. We had 5999 items checked out. The bookstore and the cafe also had an excellent day. Now you have 3 places to come check out materials. Main, Fairmount and Eastern staff all look forward to serving you.


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