Staff training

For all of those who missed us while we were training, here we are in the community room at Eastern Avenue branch. We learned what is placed where and how all of our new technology works. Actually we didn’t even learn all of our technology. There is too much to learn in the 2 hours we were there.

We have some wonderful additions to our community rooms. If you have both rooms, the speaker system will play in both. If you only have one room, the wall separates the systems so only the room you are in carries your information. The other room’s system is totally separate.

Some of us had a chance to learn how to move the wall that separates the rooms. This is a manual procedure of sliding the sections down a track and into the storage room. This will take some practice! Actually it is too bad I didn’t think to take a picture of this. We did look pretty funny trying to move these partitions.

We all had a chance to practice on the computers, try out the self-checks and return materials to see if the auto-sorter was working correctly.

So why are you seeing only a picture of us all sitting? LaWanda, our director, was thanking the staff for all the hard work they have done to get this building ready so far. The staff also learned procedures in case of emergency and had a chance to meet some staff that have started working in the past couple of weeks.

After our training, we were able to show our families the new building. Less than a month and you too can see the inside of Eastern Avenue branch!

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