[slideshow id=5]Who would think we would need so many different kinds of chairs? I remember when we were picking them out, trying to decide if this chair was more comfortable than that chair. We had so many samples, we couldn’t keep them all straight. Then we began selecting the colors and fabric. Now that I see all the chairs, it is no wonder we were so confused. The slide show shows the variety. When you come to visit, you can see exactly where that lime green chair (one looks bright yellow in the picture) is placed or which meeting room has all the green chairs.

Actually when I saw the brown chairs, I couldn’t imagine where they were to go. Next day I came back and they were placed very nicely in the cafe/FRIENDS bookstore area.

I also added a picture of the boxes before they were opened and one fully encased in plastic. I should have taken a picture of the boxes of cardboard that were saved for recycling!

Remember July 10th. Put it on your calendar.

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  1. Joanna Kluever - July 12, 2010

    The furniture is beautiful. Where did you find your upholstered chairs? (I forgot a letter in my e-mail address.)

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