Porous Paving

Next to our meeting rooms will be grass. This area is different because we have a base of sand and gravel, then a ring and grid system topped with dirt as our growing medium underneath the grass. This is known as porous pavement and will provide us with extra programming space. The ring-grid system prevents heavy equipment like the showmobile from compacting the grass and ruining the root system. It also will prevent ruts from forming in the grass when the ground is wet. Here is a picture of the three layers that go under the grass. Notice on the right with the footprints is the sand-gravel base. The black ring-grid system is placed on top. It can be cut to adjust to the size and shape of the area. Next the growing medium is placed on top. We are using top soil for the grass to grow. From the point of view of the people using the park, it will be grass. From the staff’s point of view, we will be able to do some extra programming and not have to worry about destroying the ground. What a great invention!

Porous pavement

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