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As a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building, one of our goals is to save energy. Daylighting is one method we are using. Daylighting is a means of using natural light for lighting the inside of a building. The architects planned the windows to let in maximum natural light but minimum heat and […]

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[slideshow id=5]Who would think we would need so many different kinds of chairs? I remember when we were picking them out, trying to decide if this chair was more comfortable than that chair. We had so many samples, we couldn’t keep them all straight. Then we began selecting the colors and fabric. Now that I […]

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More additions

Yesterday I showed shelving without the shelves. Today already, you can see how far along they are with adding the shelves. Our workroom is filled! Some of the items are in place and some are just placed here and there until we have other items moved. The next picture is of our new automated sorter. […]

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When you come into the library, you will find the staff ready to answer questions at the desks. Here you can see the desks being built. After all the parts were put into place, the holes had to be drilled to allow the cords to get to the plugs. When you actually see these desks, […]

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Two weeks from today on June 2nd, we will be getting 40,000 plus items including books, DVDs, CDs, and playaways. That means we will need the shelves in place.  Monday, the shelving arrived to be installed! Here are several pictures of the progress that is being made. You can see the frames are positioned but […]

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Here are some pictures of the wiring that is pulled into the communications room. This is the same network cables I showed March 29th. I was told there is about 17 miles of cabling. After looking at these pictures, I can believe it. I just used wires and cables interchangeably, but that is not correct […]

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Porous Paving

Next to our meeting rooms will be grass. This area is different because we have a base of sand and gravel, then a ring and grid system topped with dirt as our growing medium underneath the grass. This is known as porous pavement and will provide us with extra programming space. The ring-grid system prevents […]

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Outside the building

It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks since I last updated the progress. Much has been going on inside and out. Today I will show the outside with the copper wall and bronze panels as well as some of the outside doors. With the doors, the copper and bronze added, the building […]

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