I went over again today and was amazed at how much has been painted in 2 days. We are using a Ceramic paint because it is LEED approved. I will do a post later on the paint and how it can be considered LEED approved. But look at this picture. You can see 4 of the 5 colors. The only color that is missing is the orange. I will also get the official names and we will see how close my take of the colors is to the paint name! What I see is gold on the left, teal, lime green and dark green to the right.

Looking at short wall in childrens area

I also found that one coat is painted now. The second coat will need to wait until the lights are in place. That allows the painters to see any inconsistencies with their painting.

In a few days watch for my blog on the tiles in the restrooms. I saw them today in the boxes and except for the accents, they are very classic.

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