East side of library

As you look at these pictures, you will be going from north to south in the building. I started out in the children’s area looking east at the windows. If you look at the enlarged picture, you will see the children’s storytime room to the right. The next picture is actually in the storytime room looking out the windows. If you look closely at this picture, to the left you will see the berm that surrounds the outside storytime area. In the third picture you are looking out the windows of the second community meeting room. We learned from Fairmount and made both rooms the same size. The last picture shows the first community meeting room. In this one to the left of the workers putting in the windows, you can see the dividing post of the rooms. We will have a room divider that will allow us to have 2 equally sized rooms or by removing the divider, one very large meeting room. With all of these windows, the rooms will be very light.

Next time I post, I hope to show some of the walls that are painted. They started painting the children’s area this week.

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