I gave you a clue in the last blog. If you look at the west side picture, you can see the windows to the left, the adult area, and the windows directly ahead, the teen area. Note the windows are in the adult area and the plastic sheeting is still in the teen area.

West side

In this blog, I have included pictures around the building. What a difference windows make to a building. As you go from the west side, I put in two pictures. One is showing the smaller windows with no scaffolding in the way but the large windows still have the plastic sheeting. In the next west window, you will see the larger windows but the scaffolding makes it more difficult to see the smaller windows. Just a comment on the small versus the large windows. The small ones will provide natural light but prevent the people inside from being blinded by the sun. The large windows will allow some sun, but a shade is also provided to help prevent sun blindness inside. The back is completely windows as it is mostly north and will look out onto the park. Shades will not be needed. The east side matches the west side even though I don’t show the large windows in this view. Shades are also available for the large windows to prevent glaring of the early sun. The south side you see in this photo is actually the customer service work area. The wooden wall to the right is part of the rain garden. The main entrance will be on the other side of the rain garden.

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