Geothermal is beginning. Actually it began when the foundation for the south side of the building was set. The pipes need to go under the foundation as all of the heating and cooling is going to be under the floor of this building. The picture shows the header pipes for the supply and return in the trench. The workers are getting these pipes out to a point beyond which concrete will be poured for the parking lot.

In this second picture, you will see the pipes also are going vertical. Eventually these pipes will be cut and a manifold will be connected on the top. These will actually tie the circuits into the geothermal in the mechanical room of the library.

This piping will carry the glycol/water mixture from the well field to the heat pumps inside the building.  The pipes are different sizes based on how many wells they will carry and the flow rate of the liquid.   The trenches will then be backfilled and compacted.  This piping will be buried at 5’ below final grade.

Keep watch for more information on the geothermal!

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