I’ve done a blog previously on the footings, but recently when I was out taking pictures, I got a chance to see the workers building the forms.  This is a job that must be very exact because the walls are based on these footings. The engineers come to the sight and put a mark at the corners of the building. A trench is then dug that is wider than the footings. This allows the workers to have space to build the frame for the footings. As you can see in the first picture, there are two workers pounding in the stakes which help hold the form in place. On the far right of the picture, another worker is cutting lumber to use for the forms.

The second picture is a close up of a total station transit. This equipment is used to set straight lines and measure distance using an optical line. You will notice right in front of the worker is a post with a yellow flag. And right next to that on the ground in front of his boot is the marker left by the engineer. The total station transit is placed directly above this marker. With a worker at the total station transit and a worker in the trench for the footings, a line can be drawn to make sure the wall is straight.

In the last picture, you see the re-bar has been added to the wooden structure. This will provide strength to the concrete and the re-bar that is above the concrete will be used to place the structural beams.

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