Building the walls

Much goes into construction of the walls. After the base is built, rebar is added in specific places to help hold the shape of the concrete. You will notice in the first picture the worker is tying the rebar so that it curves in the correct shape of the wall. At the bottom right of the picture and immediately to the right of the worker, you will see a square of rebar. Those are known as piers. They will eventually get a bolt pattern (4 bolts minimum) put into the center which will hold the steel columns В in place.

In the second picture, notice how the right section of the wall is complete and the left section just has the forms in place. The forms are put in place with workers who use quite accurate measuring instruments (transit and site level) to be sure the height, depth and line is correct.

In the third picture, the worker is putting nails to mark doorways. When the concrete is poured for the walls, this area will be lower. Then when pouring the concrete for the floors that concrete will be able to be poured over that area to make a smooth transition.

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