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Concrete absorbs water. This is evident just by looking at streets or driveways after a rain. The surface is wet. It eventually dries as it is either absorbed all the way or it evaporates into the air. So how do you keep a basement dry? Why doesn’t the water from the ground absorb into the […]

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Moving machinery

A low boy equipment trailer comes in a variety of sizes. The one pictured has a 50 ton capacity. To get the sheep’s foot roller onto this trailer, the truck is separated from the trailer. Using hydraulics, the front end of the trailer is lowered toward the ground. The ramps are then set onto the […]

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Topping Out

What a beautiful day we had for our topping out ceremony. The beam over the entrance is now in place with citizen’s names. Thank you to everyone who was able to come be with us. Thank you also to all those who couldn’t come but have helped us get this far. Who would think that […]

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Fiberglass ducts

All of these pipes are made from fiberglass. They are the basis of the ductwork for the heating and cooling system of the library. Now that the foundation is laid, the dirt right inside the foundation is dug out of the floor area. The trench is compacted with a vibrating plate packer as seen in […]

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Foundation Finished

On Friday, the final section of the foundation was poured. Steel work is already beginning. Amazing to see steel columns in place. And outside of the building, part of the parking lot is now concrete. With the fine weather we are having today, I am expecting the rest of the parking lot will get poured.  […]

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Geothermal is beginning. Actually it began when the foundation for the south side of the building was set. The pipes need to go under the foundation as all of the heating and cooling is going to be under the floor of this building. The picture shows the header pipes for the supply and return in […]

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I’ve done a blog previously on the footings, but recently when I was out taking pictures, I got a chance to see the workers building the forms.  This is a job that must be very exact because the walls are based on these footings. The engineers come to the sight and put a mark at […]

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Electrical Manhole

This shows the workers digging a manhole for the electrical service which will then connect to the building. The width and the depth are being measured to specific requirements as required by MidAmerican Energy. This manhole will then connect the main power supply via a 3 foot conduit which will go into the building. It […]

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Beam Signing

Davenport Public Library is offering the citizens many ways to get involved in the new building. First we offered you the chance to help with funding. OK it is not too late to help with that if you are still interested. Money is always accepted! We also offered opportunities to view and comment on the […]

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Building the walls

Much goes into construction of the walls. After the base is built, rebar is added in specific places to help hold the shape of the concrete. You will notice in the first picture the worker is tying the rebar so that it curves in the correct shape of the wall. At the bottom right of […]

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