Foundations begin

As much as I want rain for my garden and sod, I do not want rain to halt progress on the building of the Eastern Ave branch. And although rain can be localized, I do not know of a way to make it so local that construction can continue and gardens can be watered. So far all the rain we have had hasn’t put a halt to the construction. As you can see in the pictures, the foundation is started. The first picture shows the curving of the wall which will be the café/bookstore. The next picture shows the front entrance. The third is the overview of the building shape with a bit of the north/park side cut out of the picture.

Eastern Ave 8-16-09 front of cafe bookstore

Front of cafe/bookstore

Eastern Ave 8-16-09 inside of wall

Front entrance

Eastern Ave 8-16-09 overview of front and west of building

Overview of front and west of building

This is not all that is happening. The entrance and the parking lot are getting constructed. The driveway entrance has the curve scraped out and gravel at the base. As you look at the parking lot in the picture on the right, you can see the lighter color which will be the bioswales. Bioswales are a method of landscaping which help absorb pollutants and lessen the rainwater runoff from the parking lots. This water is then used by the vegetation or gradually returned back into the water table.

Eastern Ave 8-16-09 entrance

Driveway entrance

Eastern Ave 8-16-09 prkg lot looking south

Parking lot with bioswales

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