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Concrete Washout

Now that concrete is being poured, this sign is important. To help preserve the environment, the concrete trucks must wash out the cement and aggregate, which is sand and gravel, from their drums. This allows all the waste to harden, then to be gathered together and taken for re-use. This waste is taken to a […]

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Concrete work

We talked about concrete going into the construction of the footings and the walls. In these pictures, we see it is also used for the driveway. In the first picture, the concrete truck is dumping the mixed concrete into a concrete buggy. This buggy is then driven to the specific area that needs to be […]

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Electrical Services

This piece of equipment is called a trencher. It is being used to dig a trench for the electrical service.  Notice behind the wheels is an auger which helps push the dirt to the side so it does not slide back into the trench.

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Another View of Eastern Avenue Branch

When you check out the new Veterans Memorial Parkway, look to the southeast and see the building of the Eastern Avenue Branch. This picture was taken from the bridge.

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Foundations begin

As much as I want rain for my garden and sod, I do not want rain to halt progress on the building of the Eastern Ave branch. And although rain can be localized, I do not know of a way to make it so local that construction can continue and gardens can be watered. So […]

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New Technologies for the new branch

You may have seen the recent Quad City Times article about an automated book sorting system that will soon be installed at the Bettendorf Public Library.  As mentioned in the article, there will be a similar system installed at the new branch.  Sortation systems (also known as AMH, or automated materials handling, systems) have been […]

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