Ceremonial Tree Planting

We are  preparing for our launch of construction with a tree planting. Many details have to be decided on this. What time can we select so all the people involved will be able to attend? Who gets the tree? Where can we be on the site? What can we offer to children? How about food?

We have the City leaders including the Mayor and Aldermen, the Board of Trustees, the FRIENDS Board of Trustees, the Director, the library staff and the donors to the project. Remember as a citizen of Davenport, YOU are a donor. You supported the tax Levy which is helping to pay for the ongoing costs of our two branches.

We really want to have you attend. Save the time and date, July 31st at 10:30 AM. That is a Friday.  The place is 6000 Eastern Avenue.  The home builders will be donating cookies from Cam’s Coffee House and will have an “Open House” for homes after the ceremony for people who might want to view the new homes in the area.

Bring your children as Ryan Schertz of Bush Construction will guide them on a tour of the equipment being used on the site.

We will find a spot that is convenient for all and have put in our request for good weather. Come to our tree planting and celebrate with the staff as we begin a new building for all of us.

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