Becoming LEED AP

In a previous blog, we discussed the Eastern Branch is going to be LEED certified. People can also be LEED but they are accredited professionals instead of certified. The LEED Accredited professional (LEED AP) designation was started in 2001. Since that time, more than 75,000 people have earned this rating. This is an indication that the person has a thorough understanding of the green building principles, practices and the LEED Rating System.

As always with credentials, the person trying to become a LEED AP must prove their knowledge. This is accomplished by taking a test. At this point, there are two options, the LEED Commercial Interiors exam or the LEED New Construction & Major Renovations exam. Only one exam needs to be taken to have the certification of LEED AP. The exam is 80 questions long with most of them worth multiple point. 70 points is the number needed to pass the test and become certified.

If you are interested in becoming LEED AP, there areВ  LEED reference guides for new construction and for commercial interiors. But study long and hard because according to Professional Publications, Inc., the pass rate is 34%.

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