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As anyone who watches any of the myriad home decorating shows on TV can tell you, there are LOTS and LOTS of choices that you can make for your home decor.  Selecting furnishings for a new home can be quite a challenge.  Selecting furnishings and equipment for a new library even more so!  We had our first meeting dedicated to selecting tables and chairs for the Eastern Branch yesterday afternoon.  After three hours I’m pleased to report that we’ve selected basic styles for lounge chairs, study chairs and tables for the adult and children’s areas and soft, loungy chairs for the teen area.  While we all want our home furnishings to be durable and easy to clean, that becomes a primary concern in any public building.  The furnishings also have to be used by a huge variety of people.  Fortunately, we employ staff who fall in the entire spectrum of height so we had tall chair testers and average chair testers and short chair testers.  We considered how hard or easy it might be to sit down or stand up from a given chair.  And then once we were done with that, we looked at the style to make sure it would complement the design of the building -  should it have wood legs?  metal legs?

Unfortunately we didn’t get to actually sit on the chairs for the children’s area but we’re pretty excited about them.  They will be made of wood with the option to select from a variety of kid friendly colors.  The backs will have cutouts in the shape of an animal so that a child will be able to select the chair with the giraffe, or maybe the one with the lion!

We hope to have pictures of some of our selections to share in future posts.  We haven’t selected any fabrics yet so that’s to come – along with all the details you rarely think about, such as mobile whiteboards and lecturns for the meeting rooms.

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