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Tree Planting

We had a very nice crowd for our tree planting on the Eastern Avenue Branch Library site today. If you were there, we thank you for celebrating with us. If you were not there, here are a few pictures of the ribbon cutting and tree planting. As always, our thanks go out to all the […]

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Engineered Fill

Wow, construction is not my area of expertise. I needed to ask questions of Ryan Schertz, the project superintendent of our site to see what all this equipment is doing. In the background you see a yellow excavator. This machine is taking the engineered fill off the pile and depositing it into dump trucks. The […]

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Ceremonial Tree Planting

We are  preparing for our launch of construction with a tree planting. Many details have to be decided on this. What time can we select so all the people involved will be able to attend? Who gets the tree? Where can we be on the site? What can we offer to children? How about food? […]

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News Release–Ceremonial Tree Planting

DAVENPORT, Iowa – July 16, 2009 – The Davenport Public Library will be “Branching Out” on Friday, July 31 with an appropriate kickoff to construction of the Eastern Ave. Branch Library. The shovels turning the dirt will serve more than a ceremonial purpose. The shovels will be used to plant a tree on the site […]

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Becoming LEED AP

In a previous blog, we discussed the Eastern Branch is going to be LEED certified. People can also be LEED but they are accredited professionals instead of certified. The LEED Accredited professional (LEED AP) designation was started in 2001. Since that time, more than 75,000 people have earned this rating. This is an indication that […]

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Furnishings and equipment

As anyone who watches any of the myriad home decorating shows on TV can tell you, there are LOTS and LOTS of choices that you can make for your home decor.  Selecting furnishings for a new home can be quite a challenge.  Selecting furnishings and equipment for a new library even more so!  We had […]

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