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In a previous posting on this blog, we discussed the fact that we will need to create a collection of books, DVD’s, CD’s, etc to put on the shelves at the Eastern  Branch.  Our two book selectors have been working hard – and while it’s fun and easy to come to the library or bookstore and select items you want to check out or purchase - creating a collection of over 50,000 items is certainly challenging work.  We always try to keep in mind the very wide ranging tastes of all our users and also make sure we purchase items with a wide range of reading levels and that we also present a wide variety of viewpoints.  Our selectors are making great progress!  They have ordered over 3500 items – with only about 46,000 to go.

June 26, 2009 · Amy · One Comment
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  1. Jessica - July 10, 2009

    As challenging as that may be, I think I would still enjoy the job of picking out books for a new library. It would be fun to even look through the lists of possible books. I worked in a library for several months a little while back. I took great delight in reading the titles of books and wondering what the books were really about. There are such a broad range of books available.

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